The Common Problems Experienced When Installing UPVC Doors Wirral

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The Common Problems Experienced When Installing UPVC Doors Wirral

One of the most common types of doors utilised in the UK are UPVC doors.  This is not only because of their low cost, but also because they are easy to maintain and are good forms of insulation.  Unfortunately, UPVC doors can develop problems and if the issues are not dealt with quickly they can compound into more costly complications.  This article will provide information regarding the common problems experienced with UPVC doors Wirral, as well as the methods available to treat the problems.

Doors Catching On The Side Or Bottom Of The Frame

One common problem experienced with all UPVC doors Wirral is that they are heavy, which will result in the door expanding and contracting with temperature changes.  This means that the hinge can wear and the door can become misaligned with its frame.  A simple way to check for any misalignment is by reviewing the mitred joints in the door frame.  If the mitres are not aligned, then the door will need to be readjusted. upvc doors wirral

Door Handles Becoming Stiff

Many UPVC doors Wirral will experience stiff handles if the multipoint lock mechanism is not correctly lined with the door frame.  If the door is well-aligned in its frame, the handles should not become stiff; however, if they do then the chances are that the lock is either poorly aligned or worn down.  When a door experiences stiff handles, it is recommended that you contact a locksmith because worn handles can be a warning sign to replace the locks.

Door Handles Pull Up But The Key Cannot Turn

If the key in the UPVC door is unable to fully lock the door, despite the handle moving correctly, it is possible that the locking points are not moving completing.  A lock that is not moving completely could either be a warning sign of a damaged cylinder or the lock not entering the keeps on the door frame.  If the door is aligned with the frame, it is recommended that one contact a locksmith regarding the situation.

Door Is Unlocked But The Handles Will Not Turn Down

In many cases where the UPVC door remains unlocked without the handles pulling down, it is a case of the multipoint look breaking.  This problem will typically occur after the handle presents as stiff or difficult to operate.  Should you experience this particular problem, it is recommended that you do not open the door as this could result in further damage.  Contacting a trained locksmith is the best course of action.

Door Handle Is Loose Or Floppy

Loose or “floppy” door handles may be experienced when the door has wear-and-tear along the handles or lock mechanism.  If the door handles present with floppiness over their back plate, it is a sign for the door handles to be replaced.  If, however, the handle itself is loose, then it may be a sign that the springs in the handle are damaged or misaligned.  Contacting a locksmith to manage this situation would be the best option.

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